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All purchases made on this website are subject to a 30 day moneyback guarantee as follows.  The original purchaser of products that are returned within 30 days(from time of delivery to US postal office or other designated carrier to time of receipt by vendor), in their original condition and packaging, will be refunded the purchase price less a restocking fee of 15% of the amount originally paid for the product. Shipping & handling, and finance charges are not refundable and will be charged to the customer. Updated: February 1, 2010.


The products to which these instructions apply are recommended for the non-invasive measurement of biological vital signs. They display data on a computer screen and a printer, and will alarm when values fall outside a predetermined user specified range. They are not suggested or recommended for use in connection with any illness or health defect whatsoever. No medical interpretation or diagnosis is performed and no treatment or action whatsoever, medical or otherwise, is suggested or recommended. They will not prevent, treat or cure any illness. By using this reference monitor, the user accepts full and complete responsibility for the proper operation of the user's computer, sound speaker, video screen, modem, telephone system, electrical power supply, other hardware and software at all times, so as to alarm when biological vital signs data fall outside any predetermined user specified range. In case of illness consult a physician.


The manufacturer of products listed on this web site is continually striving to improve the quality and function of its products and services; for this reason, it reserves the right to make changes without notice. Specifications are based on representative lot samples. Values may vary from lot to lot and are not guaranteed. The manufacturer makes no guarantee, warranty, or representation regarding the suitability or legality of any product or service for use in a specific application. No device, product or service is intended for use in applications of a critical nature where the safety of life or property is at risk. The user assumes full liability for the use of the device, product or service in such applications. Under no circumstances will the manufacturer be responsible for losses arising from the use or failure of any device, product or service in any application, other than the repair, replacement, or refund limited to the original device, product or service purchase price. Some devices are patented. Under no circumstances shall any user be conveyed any license or right to use or ownership of these patents.


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