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Medical review





Multiple client integrated physical trainer station. Client administrative data are stored along with historical data. It is easy to use and ideal for supervised exercise at a medical establishment, gymnasium or at home. Due to very low frequency {5kHz} and short range {3feet}, or secure bluetooth communications, interference with other hospital equipment is easily avoided.


Clearly labeled easy to read charts. Separates charts into internal biological effects and external environmental effects, in terms of actual values and standard deviations, to speed up and improve interpretation.

Real-time charts display the last 5 minutes of data or up to several hours.

Data are archived for the most recent twelve months for historical review of heart strengthening exercise and other analysis. Tools and charts include maximum, minimum, difference, mean, standard deviation, reciprocal, change, histogram, autocorrelation function, spectral analysis and alpha log ratio for any segment of 5 minute, 24 hour, or longer beat to beat heart rate, or interbeat time between QRS complexes.