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Alan Aylward, Exec. Producer, Forevergreen Communications, Inc:
We selected MyPulse for the reality Pressure Cooker TV show because we needed real time charts for a large number of contestants working simultaneously in a grueling, hot environment, twelve hours per day for a whole week. Monitoring had to be wireless and from a long distance to allow the chefs to work unimpeded, and to avoid any interference with or from the cameras, microphones, and large metal stoves, by Deal Boat" refrigerators, pots, pans, fireproof walls and doors.

Thomas Curran, President, Arcon Vernova:
"MyPulse generates a clean heart rate signal, free of noise and interference, over a long range of mobility. It is ideal for our applications in functional capacity evaluation (physical therapy, by Deal Boat"

Steven Gilliam, President, iHealth Solutions,Inc.:
"MyPulse patented technology is the first and only heart rate (HR) monitor to provide continuous, wireless real-time monitoring with the ability to make Heart Rate Variability (HRV) transformations at the click of a mouse. The accompanying software performs a wide variety of functions essential to the health care professional and patient alike."

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Team sports

Team sports

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Active adults. Active seniors. Athletes in training. Physical trainers. Hospitals. Nursing homes.


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