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The North American Society of Pacing Electrophysiology and the European Society of Cardiology have determined that heart rate variability (HRV) analysis has economic and technical benefits compared to the electro cardiogram (ecg/ekg). Digital HRV data provide precise numeric diagnostic analysis. This is not possible with the analog ecg/ekg. Reduced cost will always benefit health care in rich countries, but it may be the only way to make it possible in poor countries. These factors provide for a greater level of health care to a larger number of people.

 Perform Normal Activities While Being Monitored

The MyPulse global range wireless continuous real time chart heart monitor is ideal for HRV analysis. As a digital device, it plugs into the existing infrastructure of computers, smart phones and the internet. This enables local or remote access, the highest possible functionality and the lowest possible cost. The typical user will already own the peripheral computer and smart phone. Exercise and normal activities are important for good health and longevity. Wireless convenience makes it possible to be monitored while performing normal activities at home and elsewhere. The MyPulse graduated sound/phone/email/text alarm system contacts a designated health care provider when the data fall outside user specified values.

 Unique Features

MyPulse contains some unique features. The most recent one year of continuous beat to beat heart rate and inter-beat time records are maintained. Short term monitoring may miss unusual activities of interest. MyPulse automatically calibrates to child, adult, male & female norms. It automatically adjusts to individual personal characteristics. It detects rapid changes that could be associated with atrial fibrillation. It separates HRV due to internal biological effects from external environmental effects. All known data transformations are included. These all serve to facilitate diagnosis.

 Remote Monitoring

With no requirement for wires, a nurse’s station can be created on a PC in very little time. No existing infrastructure is required. Patients suspected of a disorder can be evaluated while conducting normal activities. Recovering patients are free to walk about as soon as they are able to do so. They can be sent home early with remote monitoring, resulting in very large savings in unnecessary hospital costs.

Michael Hall, MD.